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Our No-Bull Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. We won't sell or rent your name to others at any time, ever. We won't e-mail you every day either, and if we do, just tell us you want us to stop, and we will.

Some of our partners may collect information about you. PayPal, for instance, will want your credit card number and other information to process your payment to us, and our web host(s) may keep track of your IP address. If you click on a link that takes you away from, you're on your own. See that site's privacy policy for details.

If you e-mail us, we'll save your e-mail address (just like your e-mailer saves ours) and we may contact you to answer questions, converse, or whatever. In other words, if you write to us, we'll write you back. You may occasionally receive marketing materials from us, from which you may opt out at any time.

That's it. No Bull.


Doing Business with Us

Music, Sound Effects, and Other Assets 

Brown Cow Studios works with top suppliers of commercial production music and stock footage to the film and broadcasting industries. Additionally, we have our own extensive libraries of music, sound effects, and footage that are available for use with your production at a nominal fee. We will gladly work with any production elements our clients supply.

Licensing and Fees

Certain production assets may require payment of fees to composers, holders of copyrights, or licensing/royalty organizations. In productions made for broadcast TV, radio, or other media, submission of cue sheets or other documents may be required. As an additional service to our clients, Brown Cow Studios is pleased to help with these arrangements when we supply music or other elements for your production.

Client-Supplied Elements

We are glad to work with any materials our clients provide. When we use client-supplied assets in a production it is the client�s responsibility to ensure that all license, copyright, and other necessary clearances have been obtained.  By providing elements to Brown Cow Studios for use in its production, the client warrants that it is in compliance with all such requirements and indemnifies Brown Cow Studios, its staff and agents against any claims that may result from using client-supplied elements. Please ask your representative for details.

Copyright and Licensing of Brown Cow Productions

Brown Cow Studios generally grants our clients the right to use our productions for their intended purpose without further royalty fees. There are, however, certain restrictions, and we do retain ownership of all master recordings, source files, and other materials and assets used in the production process. No portion of any Brown Cow Studios production may be modified, duplicated, or included as part of a derivative work without our consent. We reserve the right to distribute any Brown Cow Studios production as part of a sampler, demo, compilation, derivative work, or other production for the purpose of publicizing and demonstrating our capabilities. Terms and conditions may vary, so please contact your representative for details.

In the case of spec spots, custom demos, or other items produced in anticipation of gaining a client�s business, Brown Cow Studios reserves all licensing and copyrights. Clients or prospective clients may not use any demo or spec spot for any purpose without the express permission of Brown Cow Studios.

Changes, Omissions, and Corrections

We are proud of our work and want you to be completely satisfied. Foillowing production, If there are any issues with our work please tell us what they are. We will be happy to make a new recording of the original script with better direction at no charge, providing you do not change the copy or substantially change the directions. Once production has begun, copy changes or mistakes by the client are considered a new production and will be charged accordingly.

Copy revisions, directorial changes, and other alterations may be submitted by clients at any time up until production begins. To avoid extra charges, please let us know as soon as you become aware of needed changes.

Substitution of music, sound effects, or other production elements, whether supplied by clients or from the Brown Cow Studios library, is permitted at any time until recording begins. In the case of elements we purchase or license from a third party on behalf of our client, the client shall be responsible for the fees incurred, even if these elements are not used in the production due to client changes.

Billing and Payment

Brown Cow Studios accepts PayPal and all major credit cards. Full payment for all services is due upon delivery. At the time of booking your project, a deposit of up to one-half of the anticipated production fee is required to reserve studio time and/or production facilities.  Depending upon the scope of the project, we may require advance payment, or when certain milestones are reached. Outstanding balances over 30 days past delivery are subject to a late chage of 18% per year (1.5% monthly).  Please ask your representative for complete details. 

Creative Commons Licensing

Brown Cow Studios of Boston supports Creative Commons, an open-sourced creative and intellectual property license that allows for the distribution and modification of creative product without need of often difficult-to-obtain rights and clearances. Open-sourced materials can be identified by the CC logo (left). Some elements of Brown Cow Studios productions may have been sourced under Creative Commons terms.

For promotional and other purposes, Brown Cow Studios of Boston may occasionally make creative material available to the public at no charge under Creative Commons licensing. If we do, Brown Cow Studios retains its ownership interests in these materials, but grants others the right to use them in any manner they choose, including in remixes and derivative works, subject to the terms of the Creative Commons licensing provisions. As part of our agreement with the end user(s) of this material, Brown Cow Studios of Boston requires the following notice to be included in or on all distributed copies and derivative works:

"Some audio or video elements provided courtesy of Brown Cow Studios of Boston (CC)."

In addition, when possible, we ask users to include a link to our website,

To learn more about open-sourced intellectual and creative property, visit the Creative Commons website at

Our Thanks!

Thank you for choosing Brown Cow Studios of Boston. We appreciate your business and are here to help you in any way we can. Please let us know how we can be of assistance. We love chewing the cud with new friends, so call, write, or e-mail us anytime.