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Just a few of the videos
we've produced at Brown Cow Studios ...
Brownie T. Cow
Director of Bovinity
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Exploring and Drilling for Oil
Produced for Wyutex Oil Co.

Wyutex Oil needed to explain the process and economics of petroleum exploration to land owners, lease holders, and potential investors. They came to Brown Cow Studios to tell their story.
Brown Cow Studios provided complete creative services from initial concept through scripting and production of original animated sequences. We were able to save our client thousands of dollars in production costs by using pre-existing video clips sourced from industry trade groups and our production partners. 

The Hottest Music!
Available for Syndication
With a driving soundtrack and exciting visual graphics, this spot for contemporary radio moves-moves-moves! Easily adapted to fit any station's format. 
For syndication information or to build your own custom spot, contact Fred Pagano.

Election Central
Animated Motion Graphics Bumper for Television News Coverage

The politicians have their messages, and so does this hard driving animated bumper:  We break down the issues to give you political coverage that's easy to understand. A hard-driving news theme completes the message.

Music in Motion
Mini Documentary:  The Gavioli Diamond Jubilee Carousel Organ

Mini documentaries excel at telling your story while keeping viewers interested and entertained. The result: they're more likely to stay and hear your whole message. As promotional pieces, for developing a brand identity, or when a quick video just isn't enough, mini docs tell your story with excitement and panache. 
Here we profile the Diamond Jubilee Carousel Organ, a unique 19th centruy instrument featuring  whirling dervishes, a band leader, and dozens of instruments, powered entirely by air. Displayed on the organ's website, it's resulted in significantly increased bookings and revenue while generating excitement and interest.
Need to bring excitement and interest to your story?  A Brown Cow Studios mini doc is just the thing.  Get in touch with us to learn more.

Cows, Grass and a Bunny
Viral Video that Rouses Emotion

Everybody wants to go viral, and we've done it with this little gem that's on its way to Internet stardom. 
Bucolic scenery, a cool jazz soundtrack and a hidden bunny strike an emotional chord that makes people want to watch it again and again.  It's a summertime treat you can watch anytime!
Brownie says its because of the cows. Everybody likes cows!
Want more videos?  We've got lots!
Get in touch with us today!