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Herd around the barn ...
from our clients.
Brownie T. Cow
Director of Bovinity
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"Fred Pagano is a creative force!  He's passionate about what he does, and it shows in the high quality of his work. Highly recommended!"
     -Richard Reeve, WJLA-TV, Washington DC
"Fred is among the very best. He's a true professional, and yet very reasonable. You absolutely will not regret a decision to choose his services. An absolute delight to work with." 
     -Chris Cranston, Marketing Consultant, Burlington Vermont
"...A genius at communications [and] a creative whiz in the studio... If you need a hand, grab Fred's - and hold onto it!" 
     -Paul Benzaquin, WHDH Radio, Boston
"A great professional. I was really impressed." 
     -Manage Aid, Inc., London
"Easy to work with and fast turnaround too."
     -Speedy Solutions, New York, NY
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