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Everybody has a story ...
What's yours?
Let us tell the world!
Brownie T. Cow
Director of Bovinity
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Every person - every business - every organization -- has a story to tell. Brown Cow Studios of Boston helps you tell it with exciting, high-quality video productions. 

In business, your story is about what you do, and why you are the best at it.  If you're a non-profit, your story is the great work you do, and why people need to support it.  Scientists and researchers need to tell the world about their work and why it's important.  Mom and Dad?  It's all about your kids' talents and successes -- and why they deserve that scholarship.  

Brown Cow Studios helps our clients gain recognition and success by telling these important stories. 

The stories we tell are crafted by Brown Cow Studios' herd of highly accomplished and talented people.  We are videographers, broadcast journalists, producers, directors, writers, video and film editors, actors, technicians and more. 

Brown Cow Studios has the talent - and the know how - to tell your story. And get results.

So what's your story?  Tell it to Fred Pagano, and we'll tell the world!  In the US, dial (617)230-4019 or send email to