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Brown Cow Studios tells your story
with sound ...
It's a sound stampede!
Brownie T. Cow
Director of Bovinity
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Radio Spot Magic
Voiceover & Production by Fred Pagano

We move from deep to friendly in our first spot for Kahn's weiners, then into ominous voice of god mode for the Don't Almost Give campaign. Next, Fred puts on the 20-something vibe for the nationally-syndicated My Favorite Radio Station campaign, and gets intense for a WPBX-TV promo. 
Now what did that pretty girl say again?
Radio spots by Fred Pagano & Brown Cow Studios Custom liners for radio and  tv stations from Brown Cow Studios Great marketing presentations from Brown Cow Studios.

Commercials, Infomercials & More!
Voiceover & Production by Fred Pagano

In-store advertising, TV and radio spots, infomercials, sales presentations, and corporate branding. All made better by the unique Brown Cow Studios sound.

Radio & TV Imaging
Voiceover & Production by Fred Pagano

There's nothing as important to a station's success as its sound and imagel. So why use the same sound-alike liner guys as your competiton? Beef up your imaging with Fred Pagano & Brown Cow Studios.
From friendly and free to hard-hitting, AAA and contempo to edgy newstalk ... Fred's versatile voice sells!
From hard-hitting to light and breezy ...
The unique Brown Cow Studios sound sells!
Drop us a line to learn more!