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Everybody has a story.
This is ours ...
The Brown Cow Studios story.
Brownie T. Cow
Director of Bovinity
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Brown Cow Studios of Boston was founded by Fred Pagano, a master story teller. 

A professional broadcaster since age 16, Fred has worked his story telling magic for CNN, the Associated Press, and many television and radio stations across the Northeast.

Fred's weekly TV show celebrated life in New England, and ran for over four years on Boston's PAX-TV network owned stations in Boston and New Hampshire. 

In 2009, Brown Cow Studios was launched to help companies and individuals take advantage of Fred's unique communication knowledge.  Since then Brown Cow Studios has grown tremendously and works with a diverse client base from countries around the world. 
There's lots more to the Brown Cow Studios story.  We'd love to share it with you, so drop us a line.  We like making new friends!

Why We're Called Brown Cow Studios...

Easy!  We named ourselves Brown Cow Studios because...

Cows are cool.
Cows can eat low-quality food like grass, and turn it into high-quality milk.  That's not unlike what we do at Brown Cow Studios - we take the germ of an idea and turn it into a high-quality message. 
Cows are smart.  They can even be taught to climb stairs.
4. Cows are peaceful and loving.  Just like us!
Brownie made us do it.
6. We like cows!  Everybody does!